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My Story

Why am I an Independent Scentsy Consultant and why do I LOVE it?

I have been a Scentsy Consultant for 4 years now, and I can whole heartedly tell you that joining the Scentsy family is one of the greatest decisions I have made, for so many reasons. Not only do I sell fabulous smelling and gorgeous products suitable for all ages and all lifestyles, I earn an extra monthly income that allows my husband and me to live comfortably. Scentsy has also blessed me with amazing and invaluable opportunities and life experiences that I would love for you to experience also.

For me, Scentsy is love and acceptance. It is building strong bonds and friendships. Scentsy is family. It is success - not just financially, but also setting goals and attaining them, feeding my soul and filling my cup. Scentsy gives me the opportunity to grow and to learn as a business professional and as an individual. Scentsy is independence. Scentsy allows me to make a difference in peoples' lives, even if just in a teeny tiny way. Scentsy is where I belong.

If you are passionate and ready to take on a life changing opportunity, I would love to have you along for this incredible ride. Please contact me today for more information.


Cindy Mendonca
Independent Scentsy SuperStar Consultant
Call or Text: 289-675-5812